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At The Gourmet Butcher, you’ll find delicious products to suit every taste.  That’s because we have our own inhouse smokehouse, so the bacons and biltongs you’ll find in store are the tastiest.

And if you enjoy a sausage sizzle, you can now take it to new heights with e gourmet flavour range, again all made in-house.

Organic and Free-Range Meat Products

Along with local free-range chickens and rabbits as well as organic beef from Dandaragan farms, your meals will delight your family and friends, or be just a special treat for yourself.

However you like to enjoy your meats, The Gourmet Butcher is your local Rockingham choice for the freshest and finest range.

FREE Home Delivery in the Rockingham area for orders of $50 or more.  

• Free-range Plantagenet Pork

• Home-made English black pudding

• Scottish black pudding

• Scottish square sausage

• Haggis

• Gammon

• English style bacon

• English style sausages

• Black Angus Beef

• Homemade European style Sausages

• Home smoked Hams

• Ready to cook meals

• Homemade English & Scottish products

• A large range of condiments

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